Unmatched ROI for Institutional capital management

Parnassus Group, LLC. is a Northern California-based technology company.

We own and operate a set of highly specialized technology trading platforms called Ibex.

Our proprietary technology delivers consistent performance with AI-powered decision-making systems that guarantee consistent profits on invested funds.

The Ibex engine delivers a stable ROI on trading capital that is significantly above the market, with highly mitigated risk.

Ibex engine uses a set of specialized algorithms that are proprietary. These algorithms anticipate short-term market trends and allow the Ibex engine to hedge the trading positions in a number of significant ways, all of which serve to substantially mitigate trading risk.

We license the Ibex engine to organizations that possess an institutional capacity for trading.

This opportunity is powered by the partnership of the following technology organizations that are leaders in the global FX market:

ATC Brokerage (ATC), F C Stone & Spotex Technology Solutions.


Advanced Institutional Trading Technology Built For Consistency.


  • Manage multiple orders & portfolios simultaneously
  • Advanced Order and Execution Management System (EMS)
  • Achieve the best execution with extensive SOR (Smart Order Routing)